About Me

I’m Jerry Wellman, an artist, a philosopher, a jovial existentialist, and am the co-founder, co-director and co-curator of the Axle Contemporary mobile art gallery.

You can contact me via email
or check out my instagram @jerrywellmanarts 

My work explores the realm of the non-rational narrative. They are not abstract, yet they also do not fit into the confines of an easily understandable narrative. Instead, they exist on a fragile border between storytelling and poetry, between rational and irrational, between didactic and incomprehensible.

My paintings and drawings have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Holly Solomon Gallery in New York City, Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, The Downey Museum, The Orange County Center of Contemporary Art in California, The El Paso Museum of Art, The Revolving Museum in Boston, SITE Santa Fe, The Navajo Nation Museum, and other venues throughout The US. 

I’ve taught at the Pasadena College of Art and Design, CalArts, and New Mexico State University. I was formerly the head curator at Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art.

I also have a TEDxTalk on Axle Contemporary you can view here